Journal BooksMackie Productions’ has a number of children’s book projects in development and IP’s suitable for transmedia with media-rich interactive books, mobile apps, and gaming. We love creating immersive worlds bursting with engaging and complex characters, serial arcs and extended back stories.

Kathryn Mackie’s partnership in Twelve22 Productions, with Tony Papa, Grammy award winning engineer for Weird Al, provides creative resources for musical elements that can enhance any project, whether it is an electronic book or a TV or Film project.

Strong story telling, immersive worlds, and first rate musicality provide a powerful palette for transmedia that engages and entertains.

The Twelve22 Productions property, THE DROOPYLOOPS, is an excellent example. A work that began as a series of short stories by Kathryn has grown into a property that has TV and Film components, several original songs co-written with Tony Papa, and has sparked interest for potential development for stage as well.

It all starts with a great story. Transmedia story telling without the story is an empty enterprise. But in an age where children less than two years old are handling iPads like a “boss” in Starbucks — it is clear that development paths that are transmedia friendly from conception, rather than as an after thought of post production, will win the day.

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