Mackie Productions has several properties in development, including HARRY GODFATHER, represented by legendary Hollywood producer, Donna Smith, and numerous other projects in both live action and animation genres.

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Harry Godfather


A girl wishes for a fairy Godmother and gets Harry Godfather instead.

  • Feature Film | Adventure/Comedy
  • Executive Producer: Donna Smith
  • Written By: Kathryn Mackie & Bill Mackie

The Droopyloops


A street orphan finds solace from his dark circumstances in a whimsical animated world of his own creation, but when trouble comes to the forest, his alter ego must decide between rescuing a friend and saving the beloved Droopyloop Tree.

  • Feature Film | Live Action/Animation – Adventure Comedy
  • Executive Producer: Donna Smith
  • Written By: Kathryn Mackie & Tony Papa & Bill Mackie

Circus Faces


An unassuming store owner with a dark past discovers a chest with a diary and art from a 1900’s circus that leads him on a path of self discovery and an unlikely spiritual bond with an autistic boy.

This project includes original songs and art created by co-writer, Glenn Goss, who has written songs for international acts including Billy Idol and The Hooters, and written and toured with Eric Bazilian, Steven Bauer, and others.

  • Feature Film | Drama
  • Written By: Glenn Goss & Kathryn Mackie & Bill Mackie


Developing… details coming very soon!

  • Feature Film | Drama
  • Written By: Kathryn Mackie

Other Film Properties in Development


Top Gun meets Daffy Duck. A high concept modern fable takes a humorous swipe at American foibles with a cast of unlikely heroes.

  • Children’s Book (In Development)
  • Feature Film | Animated, Action Comedy


Mackie Productions develops intellectual properties for TV with a focus on animated content for children and broad family comedy.

Pookievinkle & C.A.T.


Most cats just play with string. Pookievinkle pulls them.

  • Children’s Animated TV Series | Action Comedy
  • Synopsis and Story Bible Available
  • Written By: Kathryn Mackie & Bill Mackie

Books & Transmedia:

Mackie Productions has a number of children’s book projects in development and IP’s suitable for transmedia with media-rich interactive books, mobile apps, and gaming.

Journal BooksProperties Include:

Don’t Walk On Me

The Feisty Fox and the Seventeen Clocks

Too Hot For Rox

Dizbee the Bandless Kook

Contact Mackie Productions for details and a full list of book properties available for publication.