Jeff Perlman, former mayor of Delray Beach FL, to Executive Produce Circus Faces

As an avid supporter of the arts, Jeff became a dear friend and supporter of musician and Circus Faces’ co-writer, Glenn Goss. Jeff is the Executive VP of Business Development for CDS International Holdings and former mayor of Delray Beach, Florida. Jeff is the author of “Adventures in Local Politics” and is currently developing two additional book projects. Jeff also authors the blog,

Jeff is a political activist, serial entrepreneur, writer, and philanthropist. As a VP with CDS he has overseen numerous commercial media projects, for Tabanero Hot Sauce, Celsius beverages, and others.

Jeff Perlman E.P. Circus FacesJeff played a key role in the development of the immersive media experience, Delray Interactive Movie, and supported many other creative projects in art, music, and film. He spent more than a decade as an award-winning journalist specializing in municipal government, crime, business, and education. He founded his own publishing company that was acquired by BRN Media Group, where he served as an Executive VP.

Jeff Perlman joins lead actor/producer, Steven Bauer as a key addition to the Circus Faces film project and we look forward to this exciting collaboration.


Jeff Perlman, (pictured above with E Street Band drummer, Max Weinberg), talks about how Springsteen’s “No Surrender” helped him survive 39 days in the ICU, deathly ill with COVID.


CIRCUS FACES LOGLINE: An unassuming store owner with a dark past discovers a chest with a diary and art from a 1900’s circus that leads him on a path of self discovery and an unlikely spiritual bond with an autistic boy.

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