Mackie Productions is proud to be associated with a team of seasoned and talented creatives. In addition to IP creation, Mackie Productions also offers consulting and production services for creative development for new and existing IPs, TV story bibles and sample scripts, screenplay coverage and enhancement, and creative and commercial production.

Meet Our Creative Team

Donna SmithDonna Smith: Executive Producer

Mackie Productions is honored to work with legendary Hollywood producer Donna Smith. Donna brings a wealth of experience as a renowned Hollywood studio executive, independent producer, and CEO of an international film bonding company. Her film resume includes THE TERMINATOR, ROCKY, THE MATRIX, TRAFFIC, THE ENGLISH PATIENT, and many more Oscar nominated and Oscar winning films.

Donna’s Bio: Tapped by Universal Pictures to serve as President of Physical Production and Post Production; Donna Smith became the first woman to serve in that role for a major Hollywood studio. During Smith’s seven-year tenure at Universal, more than 120 titles were released under her leadership including; Academy Award winner SCHINDLER’S LIST, JURASSIC PARK, BABE, SCENT OF A WOMAN, CASINO, BACKDRAFT, BACK TO THE FUTURE, and many more. Donna also served as Chief Executive Officer and President of Cinema Completions International, is a trustee for Women in Film, and has the honor of being appointed the United States Film Ambassador to China.

Kathryn Mackie screenwriterKathryn Mackie: Lead Writer, Producer

In addition to co-founding Mackie Productions, Kathryn Mackie also is a founding partner in Twelve22 Productions with Tony Papa; an LLC established for their IP, THE DROOPYLOOPS. As a lead writer Kathryn has participated in the creation of numerous IPs for feature films and TV and children’s books. Kathryn also has written and co-produced film shorts, including THE RUBY RUNS RED, a multiple award winning film festival selection.

Bill MackieBill Mackie: Writer, Producer

Bill Mackie has a diverse background as a creative producer, educator, technology business owner, and marketing consultant. In addition to co-writing and producing on a number of projects with Kathryn, Bill has worked as a producer, writer, and editor, including Development Producer for Kevin Hackenberg of Get-Kinetic. Bill also serves as the Director of Marketing for charitable organization, Yachtstock, and is a founding member of their Advisory Board.

Herb MooreHerb Moore: Animation Artist, Director

Herb Moore is an Emmy nominated artist and creative director with over 20 years experience in nearly every aspect of creative development for animation. As Post-Production Director for the Walt Disney Company Herb is responsible for implementing and overseeing final animation revisions and additions to each Phineas & Ferb show for the Executive Producer, Co-Creator Dan Povenmire. Herb’s credits include Phineas and Ferb, Family Guy, Animaniacs, Xiaolin Showdown, Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension, Histeria!, Star vs. the Forces of Evil, and countless others.

Bill Alger - cartoonistBill Alger: Artist

Bill Alger is a Brooklyn based cartoonist, who has produced work for a wide variety of projects and publishers, including Scholastic Books, Cartoon Network, DC Comics, various Disney magazines, Image Comics, Nickelodeon Magazine and Golden Books, among plenty of others. Bill has contributed to projects for Kathryn Mackie and Twelve22 Productions, and is equally skilled in illustration, cartooning, and character design.


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